Driven by Passion

I’m a loud person. I know, I know, that is a real shocker to those who know me. Its not just me though. Our family is a LOUD family.

Troy and I get loud watching sports (especially Suns, Dodgers, and Trojan football).

Tanner and I get loud when we come across a vintage Smith and Wesson revolver in a gun shop (no matter that we can’t buy it!).

Tatum and I get loud when, well, whenever we are together!

Raine gets loud about the rest of us being loud. No, that’s not accurate. She gets loud about us being LOUD!

Loud doesn’t really describe us other than our volume, though. Well, in my honest and very humble assessment, it isn’t a full descriptor at least. I prefer to say that we are a passionate family. We get emotional about those things we invest ourselves. When we are into something we are ALL IN! We cheer and celebrate at great heights as well as feel deeply the defeats and missed opportunities.

You know something? I am not ashamed or embarrassed by that. Yes, I know the full expression of emotion needs to be moderated based on my public context and surroundings but stifle those expressions…never!

This is an undeniable truth: That which each of us finds beautiful, amazing, exciting, over-the-top, feel deeply about, or whatever “it” is, we all find a compulsion to express it to others and with others.

Excitedly. Loudly. Passionately. Unashamedly.

Sometimes even offensively.

So why is it that so many self-professing “Christians” have such a hard time with outward expressions of worship, praise, adoration, and feelings (yes, feelings!) about our Lord and to our Creator, Savior, Shepherd, High-Priest, and King?

Why is it that worship leaders often have a hard time getting congregations to sing? Why do many people make excuses and are resistant to share their testimony or talk about God’s work in their lives?

Why do I often fail to tell people in my life about my God, who He is, why I adore Him, follow Him, trust Him, and love Him?

If I can display pictures of all sorts of images of the world around me that I find beautiful or artistic simply because I delight in them, why do I hesitate to display my affection for my Lord?

Why do I feel such a compulsion to publicly moderate my passion for Jesus when I am so free about expressing my loyalty and excitement about the Dodgers, Suns, and Trojans? I am not ashamed to say I am a Raiders fan (and have been for as long as I can remember) but sometimes have to think twice about publicly praising Jesus…really?!

If God is indeed “…enthroned upon the praises…” (Psalm 22:3) of His people and if He has saved us “…to proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness…” (1st Peter 2:9) then what does that say about us…about me…that we often don’t, don’t want to, or are unwilling to express our praise, hope, and trust?

Maybe our “faith”…my faith…is more surface, more cosmetic, more convenience driven that we want to admit. Maybe it is because we are sometimes embarrassed or let down that God doesn’t provide, rescue, or relieve our pain the way we want Him to or expect Him to. Maybe we really don’t find the Lord all that beautiful, amazing, powerful, gracious, and merciful as we say we do in our more religious moments.

Truth be told, we are all passionate people. We are all compelled to express in different ways…public ways…those things we believe with the most conviction. It is within those passions we find the core of who we truly are, and what we truly worship.

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