Living a Life at 90 Degrees

The little old man had my full attention from the moment he walked into church. He was bent over at the waist looking very much like a human right-angle. His weight was completely supported by two crutches that he leaned upon with his forearms, his fingers wrapping as tightly as he was able around the grips. His movements were agonizingly slow and fairly awkward.

He entered the back of the church and began steadily moving up the far aisle and as he did, my fascination quickly turned to frustration. He didn’t find the first, most convenient seat. Instead, he continued on up the aisle with an expression that showed the determination to find “his” seat. In my mind I was shouting, “Come on! Just sit down! Where do you think you are going?!” To my shock and amazement he did not stop until he reached the stage.

Slowly and with great difficulty he worked (and I mean WORKED!) his way up the couple of steps and onto the stage.

Once again…fascination.

Gingerly he used his crutches to move cords out of the way of his shuffling feet and made his way to the drums.


When he finally reached the stool he essentially fell onto it, still bent at a right-angle. Only this time, because he was sitting, he appeared fully upright. Then, as the music began, he played. The gleam of intensity in his eyes captured me until the music was finished and he once again had to make his way off the stage. This little old man had worshipped…

…and in doing so he led me in worship.

His physical condition, his personal inconveniences and limitations, were no match for his faith in His Savior and his compulsion to worship his Lord. As he slowly descended the steps and off the stage he no longer appeared to me as a once strong man crippled by age or sickness. He now appeared as a man walking in one continual act of bowing before his Lord.

After the service I found him as he was moving through the crowd on his way out to his ride in the parking lot. I thanked him for leading us that morning and said to him “By the way you look and play, you are truly worshipping. Thank you.”

He lifted his naturally bowed head and with a sweet smile he simply said, “Yes” and then slowly ambled on to find his ride home.

Jesus, may I live my life in such a way to be continually bowing before you, my Creator, My Lord, My Savior.

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