Mr. Fixit? Nope, not even close.

I tried to fix something the other day. It is now worse than when I started. Well, not anymore because someone who knew what they were doing fixed both the original problem and the problem I caused. That is the funny thing about trying to fix something without having a clue how it works or really understanding what the problem is.

It didn’t begin that way though. When I started trying to fix the problem I actually felt very good about myself. I was putting my best foot forward, I was taking initiative, and I was doing it on my own. How grown up and mature I must be!

That is, until I made things worse.

Then I didn’t feel so good. No longer was I so proud of myself.

While in many ways I am better about “fixing things” than I used to be, nobody is ever going to hire me with the title of Mr. Fixit.

Unless I try something REALLY big (like…oh forget it!) it isn’t TOO much of a problem. Most of the issues I try to repair and fail at are pretty easy to overcome by people with just a modicum of talent and problem solving skills.

Where this gets bad though, is when I try to “fix” myself. THAT seems like it should be pretty easy though, right?


Seriously. Look at my problems. No, lets look at OUR problems.

We have moral problems, physical problems, mental problems, relationship problems, financial problems, etc. etc. etc. The REAL problem though, is that those REALLY aren’t the problem at all. Our problem goes so much deeper. That is why NONE of these problems are EVER truly solved. They keep coming back, we keep having to work on them, they continually haunt us and those around us.

The issue is spiritual. Plain and simple. It is because we are separated from our Creator. At odds with the Lord. Guilty before the Righteous Judge. We think we need to have our problems “fixed” when in reality we need to be made alive and completely transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We don’t need to become a better “us”, we need to become like Jesus.

The only one who can make us alive is the One who made us in the first place. We can make ourselves feel good by attempting to better ourselves but what we need isn’t continual improvement. What we need is a complete overhaul. To be made NEW. Feeling good about “bettering” ourselves is like me feeling good about raising my Trigonometry grade by 25%. The problem was, I was still failing, but I sure felt GREAT about my improvement!

There is an inherent danger in learning how to make small “fixes” in our lives without seeking to understand what the problem really is and seeking the only One is who can truly make us new. Too often we even go to the Bible seeking “self-help” without seeking the God whose help we need. As we learn to modify our behavior we become more deluded in our own abilities and trust our own strength. As a result we keep finding a new normal of brokenness. One that at first feels better but in the end is just a different form of the original. We don’t follow Him, yet we ask Him to rescue us. We don’t obey Him, yet we ask Him to bless us.

Fixing myself will never work. Following Jesus, obeying His Word, submitting to His Lordship, trusting His promises, making His purposes my purposes, THAT is what makes the dead come to life. THAT is what transforms a soul.

We don’t just need fixed. We need to be made new by the work of Jesus (Titus 3:1-8).

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