Losing my Balance

Balance is a good thing right? It keeps us from falling over, losing stability, and from going to extremes. Balance keeps our lives in check and helps our perspective from getting skewed.

Well, except when it comes to God. I honestly believe we truly don’t know how to process God.

Wait, I believe it is genuinely impossible for us to grasp, analyze, and fully process God.

He is holy, completely separate, yet described in words familiar to our existence, our emotions, and our context. That is where we struggle.

As we think about who God is, I am afraid that we very naturally fall into looking at His attributes in terms of checks and balance; Love vs. Wrath, Grace vs. Truth, Mercy vs. Judgment. Sometimes we judge His character in terms of “lesser” and “greater” attributes. Wrath, Judgment, and Truth are important but are somehow “less” than the Big Three of Love, Grace, and Mercy.

As a result it is easy to fall into that trap within our relationship with Christ. Love, grace, freedom, and forgiveness are too easily seen as superior to truth, repentance, obedience, and discipline. Too often “sonship” trumps “servant” and “friend” trumps “Lord”.

I would rather think that being committed to fullness is a healthier way. The fullness of God is seen in the fullness of His attributes. They don’t keep each other in check and none is more important than the other. None are contrary to any other and worse, when we diminish any of them we by default diminish the others. Nothing reduces the fullness of God more than that.

The same goes for our walk with Christ. We never outgrow our need for repentance, submission, and obedience. We are 100% adopted sons as well as 100% slaves owned by the King. We bow fearfully before His holiness and confidently approach His throne.

Our inability to wrap our arms around who God is and how to relate to Him tempts us to reduce Him to something more manageable, understandable, and relatable. In doing so we make Him more comfortable to sinners yet less than God.

I want to learn to be confidently content with being uncomfortable with God. I want to struggle with His holiness, submit to His sovereignty, and find peace in all of His unfathomable attributes. In doing so I want grow in my passion for joyfully submitting to my King and fearfully loving Him as my Father.

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