Perfection in the hands of the imperfect

As I sit here in the Manila airport my brain is overflowing with thoughts from this past week. The images, sounds, smells, and noise swirl together into mush, challenging me to make sense of it all. In the span of several days I have experienced the depths of claustrophobic dread and the heights of tear inducing joy. It was intimidating and overwhelming. In the end though, I am left with one thing.

Perfection has been put in the hands of the imperfect.

Our team was filled with men and women each with a complete set of debilitating dysfunction, histories, and hang-ups. Each of us wrestling with our own issues, our own relationship with God while at the same time doing everything we could to take the gospel of grace to those around us.

And it was maddening, humbling, hurtful, and glorious.

And that is the display of the glory God. A display only He could orchestrate. A message of immeasurable importance entrusted to the untrustworthy.

…and He makes it work.

He spreads the Gospel to sinners, redeems the slaves, and reconciles the aliens through the work of His Spirit in those who are themselves broken. Furthermore He uses the imperfect to grow the imperfect into His Image. Each of us coming to minister have been eternally changed by His work in us from others.

The imperfect being sent to the imperfect to do that which is perfect in a totally imperfect way.

What a week…

1 thought on “Perfection in the hands of the imperfect

  1. Sabbath Thoughts

    Love this, Dan. Makes me think of my definition of missionaries – ordinary people who are used by an extraordinary God to do extraordinary things. Looking forward to hearing more when you get home.



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