The Day After Disaster

Has there ever been a more gloomy, more painful Saturday in history?

The “day after” typically begins in a most surreal fashion. You go to bed the night before still in semi-shock from the savage blow of tragedy. When your mind begins to stir in the morning hours there is that brief moment where everything is seemingly normal. Just as suddenly though, you are hit with the crushing weight of the “new normal” as the reality of the day before begins to sink in.

That must have been the Saturday experience times 10 for the disciples.

They had left everything for Him. They had seen the glory of the miraculous work of the Lord. They saw and experience what the greatest men and women their magnificent heritage only dreamed of. They heard Him teach with authority and clarity. They saw Him powerfully confront and confound the most hardened religious leaders while lovingly touch the lives of the vilest of sinners.

They followed, trusted, and hoped.

Then they had fled and abandoned Him. The pain of guilt must have mixed with their sorrow and disillusionment to form a pit of pain in their stomach that had to be experienced to be understood.

Now they were alone. Or so it must have FELT. But feelings had nothing in common with TRUTH.

Though they felt alone, felt powerless, felt guilty, and felt hopeless, there was nothing further from the truth. In the night that Jesus was betrayed, after the last supper, after Judas had departed to bring about the plan to betray Him, Jesus spoke powerful words of assurance. Words they needed to remember on Saturday.

Though He taught in great detail the “what’s”, “why’s”, and “how’s”, He summed it up perfectly when He said, “Do not let your heart be troubled…” (John 14:1). No matter the darkness of the cross, no matter the grief of Saturday, they had no reason to be shaken.

Jesus had known of this moment, it was this moment for which He had come, and it was in this moment that all would be as God had promised and planned. Even on Saturday when Jesus was still in the tomb and all had seemed lost.

No matter the present darkness.
No matter the fear.
No matter the pain.
No matter how things appear.

Do not let your heart be troubled.

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