The Blessings of God

Bless me God!!!

I may not say those words exactly, but usually my prayers involve that. Somehow, I bet yours do, too. That’s not a bad thing, so don’t get me wrong. Who else are we going to ask to receive goodness from?

At this point I bet you think you know where this is going, don’t you. You probably think this is about needing to thank God and praise God more than ask for things. Nope.

It is true though, but that is for another time.

The last couple of days my mind has been grappling with the idea of blessings from God. Those “good” things we ask for from God.

If you are like me or like many of the people I have counseled with and spoken with over the years, not getting what we want from God brings us varying levels of discomfort, awkwardness, and frustration. Occasionally we even descend onto that slippery slope of even questioning the goodness of God.

How could He…?

Why would He…?

The more I think about this part of our faith (MY faith), I am continually brought back to one thought…

When I wonder about God, get a little frustrated with God, get impatient with God, it is usually because He isn’t blessing me how I think He should. I’m not getting what I believe is best for me and the ones I love. I believe in heaven, eternity with Jesus, and that one day He will wipe away every tear, but this is NOW!

I want the blessings of eternity NOW…and there is the problem. How easy it is to be like those on the hillside and were miraculously fed by Jesus. “Jesus, come be our king. We love the free meal plan!”

If we love Jesus, follow Jesus, worship Jesus, serve Jesus, that day WILL come. But that is not right now. I need to look for and trust in the blessings of today, regardless of whether they bring material gain or physical comfort.

I need to be reminded daily, moment by moment that…

1) My guilt has been forgiven by Christ on the cross. I need to rejoice in that daily! I can no longer be condemned by God for my sin. I pray I grow daily in the freedom that brings.

2) No matter the pain, disappointment, frustration, failure, etc. this life brings it will one day end and the glory of eternity will be all I will know and experience. “Now is not forever” is not just a trite phrase. As Moses wrote in Psalm 90, this life is only the length of a sigh, here and gone. As James writes in James 4, life has the character of a vapor, now you see it, now you don’t.

3) No matter the professional or geographical context of my life, because I am a child of God, an ambassador for God, and part of holy priesthood (yes, priesthood…read 1st Peter 2:4-5) my life has real significance right now. No matter where I am, my life matters.

4) I have not only been forgiven, but I have also been reconciled to my Creator. As a result there is no time where I don’t have full access to the throne of God, to a hearing with Jesus the High Priest, where I will find mercy and grace to help in time of need.

Yes God, please do bless me and my family, you know our wants and our needs. Jesus, please though, keep reminding me of the eternal blessings that are already mine. Please help me to grow in them and see how to live in them.

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