Leaving the Light On

I was talking with a friend of mine this morning and he was sharing about the deer camp he has in the backwoods of Pennsylvania. As he was talking about it he told me something very interesting. He said they always left the front porch light on. It mattered not if anyone was currently staying there or not. He had learned over the years that many a hunter had been guided in the right direction back to their vehicles simply by seeing the light on at their camp and getting their bearings. He went to add that though they always kept it locked when nobody was there, most of the locals knew where they kept the key. He said they always left basic food, water, and first-aid supplies inside in case someone was in need. Over the years several people in need had benefitted from those supplies and the hospitality offered by the hidden key.

Having been in situations while hiking, hunting, and fishing, where the day didn’t go as planned I can imagine the impact of that guiding light and the refuge a stocked cabin would have on those occasions! 

As I read his account (we were “chatting” via a forum and I have never “met” this “friend”…another topic for another time) I began pondering the concept of “leaving the light on” and keeping my “supplies” well-stocked for someone in need. Now, while his story was an actual light and his supplies physical supplies, I was thinking about “me”.

Is my life a light that people can count on to guide them? Do I watch over and take care of my life in such a way that I have “supplies” for someone who finds themselves in need? Am I mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally ready to care for someone in need that may show up unexpectedly?

This is a question we all must answer for ourselves. Is your light on? Are there supplies available for those in need? Do people know you have resources available to them? As ambassadors of Christ, as those who are the people of God, as those who are called to bear the burdens of others, are we ready, willing, and able? Do we watch over our lives and souls so we may be ready to engage in the good works and deeds God lays before us? 

A friend of mine recently accepted a position just over the mountain from me and I shared with him how much just the knowledge of his proximity to me filled me with a sense of peace because I know what type of person he is and how he would respond if I needed to connect with him and get his counsel or encouragement.

Let us strive to be such people. Let’s us walk with Jesus and grow in Christ so that we may be the light and provision for those who know is and for those who cross our paths.

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