Shake me to wake me

After processing the events of yesterday, I decided to read Genesis chapters 1-3 this morning. As I slowly read through this opening section of God’s revelation, I walked away with 9 observations, as incomplete as they are.

1) God is eternal.

When the beginning began, God was already there. God has always been and always will be. Movements, fads, and all the agendas of mankind will rise and fall with the passing of time but God has always been, is always, and always will be.

2) God is the source.

All of creation, all human and non-human life, all matter, everything that has been created, finds it origin with God. By sheer default, He has ownership of all that is. It is His for His will, His pleasure, and His purposes. As such, creation will always have to answer to its rightful owner, its Creator.

3) God is sovereign.

All of creation was brought about according to the design and desire of God alone. He acted independently from any agency other than His own will. Creation is ordered and sustained by His command. He is accountable only to Himself and does not subject Himself to the whims of His creation. As Sovereign Lord He is the definer of what is to be right and wrong. All morality is to be found exclusively within the revealed will of God. As Sovereign Lord, He also gave divine purpose for humanity. Our purpose and thus our finding true satisfaction and joy in life is found in living out our purpose as established by the One who made us, namely, that as men and women, we live as the image of God on earth.

4) God is the designer.

All of creation follows the designs and purposes of God. He created scientific systems for the sustaining of life as well as for the order of life. Within that design specific roles and functions were intentionally created within the separation of genders. Humanity was created as specific male and female gender and were created as such for God’s purposes and glory.

5) God is good.

Nothing that was created, none of the will and purposes of God brought anything other than good for His creation. The creation of human gender was for the complimentary completion and enjoyment of men and women. Unmistakably, God called his purposes in us a blessing.

6) The tale of evil never changes.

The enemy approached Eve in the Garden with the same line of reasoning he brings to mankind today. His line never changes nor does his goal. The enemy desires only one thing, that God’s creation will function and live autonomously from its Creator.

Did God really say…?

God is not truthful.

God is not good.

7) The only result of rebellion against the Creator is pain, regret, and death.

The judgment rendered by God on sinners was just as He had promised. Thus, the fullness of what God had decreed has been experienced in every culture, every context of every human interaction, and every human life since that first moment in time where evil was introduced into creation.

8) Restoration and reconciliation are found exclusively in relationship with our Creator.

At the moment of sin, mankind found itself immediately at odds with its Creator. As promised, God judged the wickedness and rebellion of those He had created and blessed but then in that very moment of absolute darkness and despair, He did the unexpected. He covered mankind’s shame and nakedness while promising that a Redeemer would come.

9) God had a reason to open His Word with this account.

We need to understand first and foremost who God is, who we are before Him, the nature of evil, the consequences of evil, and the hope of redemption. We will only grasp the work of Jesus on the cross, His substitutionary atonement, and our need of God’s work of salvation as we grasp the significance of Genesis 1-3 and faithfully commit ourselves to what has been revealed there.

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