Missing Home

This is a re-post of a note I published August 6, 2014 on Facebook. I am transferring my notes from Facebook into my Float the River blog.

A few weeks ago Troy said he missed home. He misses his family (even his brother and sister!), antelope and whitetail season, his buddy Cameron, and of course, Bailey. Now, don’t get me wrong. He is having a great time serving the Lord around the world but home, home is where his heart is. Why do I know this is true? I know it is true because it is unmistakable in his life.

He tells his team about hunting season and about all that he and Cameron have done and plan to do with their bows and camo. He talks about the Fish and Game job he is looking forward to doing again when he gets home. He sent his brother a present from his first stop on the mission field. I believe that all his teammates have asked his momma into their Facebook hearts.

He speaks with an understanding of all those things because they are true and he KNOWS they are true. He speaks with a passion about them all because he has EXPERIENCED their goodness and reality in his life. When he talks about home he speaks with conviction about the reality they are. It is absolutely impossible to miss!

Hebrews 11:13 and First Peter 1:8 say those elements should be normative for me in my experience, passion, and heart as a Christian: Longing for home and loving Jesus. Peter calls us aliens and strangers (First Peter 2:11) but where is my heart…really? Somehow I have this sneaking suspicion that I am not quite in the same place of “missing home” for Jesus and His Kingdom. I don’t speak as passionately about wanting to see Jesus, in telling others about Jesus, in talking about the glories that come with knowing Jesus and the future home I have in His presence.

I do know this for sure, I am trying to learn to see troubles, disappointments, hurts, and failures in a new way. They remind me that I am not home. They remind me that while I am here for a season and a purpose on this earth, this is not my home. My life is to be lived faithfully here and now, and even enjoyed to the fullest, but my home? My home is in heaven. Jesus went to the cross so I would have a place there (John 14). Right now I am on a fully funded mission experience but one day, I will get to go home.

You wanna hear about my home and my family? They are AWESOME…

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