Another Walmart Thanksgiving

599147630Today is Thanksgiving and the majority of my day will be spend within the confines of my neighborhood Kenai Walmart. In fact, this will be my fourth consecutive year working significant hours at Walmart on Thanksgiving Day. Regardless the materialistic values and bottom line expressed in the holiday shopping narrative that has become this day, I am thankful for the hours I will spend there. Would I rather be at home? Sure! Would I rather be with family? Absolutely!

Yet, I am thankful. I am thankful for the job God has provided me in an economy where many have no such luxury. I am thankful for the many people I will meet (and have met) because I am employed there. I am extremely thankful for the ministry opportunities afforded me and the multi-faceted ministry I have unexpectedly been the recipient of.

Working today I will have the privilege of representing Christ to people I would never have intersected with otherwise. I have no idea what God will do with my time today but I unflinchingly trust He will redeem my time for His glory and my good.

Likewise, I believe God in His grace and mercy will today continue to reveal to me my fleshly, arrogant imperfections which must be placed in submission to His Lordship. I am so very thankful the Lord continues to grow me, trusting today will be no different.

Working at Walmart (even on Thanksgiving) has been, and will continue to be, redemptive and glorious for me. How can I not be thankful for that?

Happy Thanksgiving wherever God has you and may you experience His redemptive grace today.

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