Outraged by that which I allow

DTRUMPI was personally embarrassed, offended, and outraged as I read of our president’s labeling of people and countries as “sh*t-h*les”. I am certain no matter ones political affiliation or religious persuasion most felt the same, in the very least. There is zero benefit in explaining why it was so grievous (isn’t it obvious?) nor is there ANY context in which such an outburst would be even remotely acceptable. Even to THINK such thoughts should be repugnant to even the most jaded of individuals.

I need to be careful though lest I become the bigger fool and the greater evil. Literally seconds after recoiling from horror of our president voicing such sewage I was taken back a few hours to thoughts, words, and attitudes of my own towards various individuals I had the “pleasure” of interacting with last night during my shift at Walmart.

No, I didn’t use any expletives (that makes it appropriate, right?) and I was not as pointedly direct (passive-aggressive much?) but I was just as arrogant, judgmental, and dismissive. My arrogant and self-righteous heart reared its ugly head once again. While I don’t have the same level of responsibility as our president to represent our nation and influence the world as well as our country, I cannot EVER use that as a wall to hide behind.

I have a greater, much greater, responsibility than our president. I represent our Lord, Savior, and Creator, Jesus Christ. I will never have such national or international influence, but I, through the grace given me by Christ, have an influence in eternity. I have been called by the work of Christ on my behalf to significant spiritually political position as an ambassador of our Lord (2nd Corinthians 5:18-20). I MUST, under ALL circumstances, conduct myself in a manner worthy of such calling!

While never, IN ANY WAY, excusing such actions by our president, I ask that we examine ourselves thoroughly and see if we warrant the same level of outrage. Just asking…

2 thoughts on “Outraged by that which I allow

  1. Linda Olson

    Thank you for this. The personal application to our thought life is great reminder of what our thought life should not include if we are to be molded to the image of Christ.

    Liked by 1 person


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