Are you as tired as I am?

Over the last decade or so, I have learned three truths which become more evident with every passing year.

The first my dad taught me as his life was slowly ebbing away. I’ll never forget hearing him say, “Dying is not for the weak.”

The second is closely related. I’ve heard it from many and am experiencing it more with every passing year; sometimes with every passing month. That is, growing old is not for the faint of heart.

The third, I’ve come to see upon personal reflection and conversations with people of all ages and walks of life. Before dying and getting old, life is not for the weak.

It matters not where or who you are, life is exhausting, every part of it. Sometimes it seems like we are doing nothing more than trying to climb an unassailable mountain. 23481287704_9a29272c56_z

Our world, our social and professional venues, our relationships (both social and familial) challenge us and test us. Most of all, we have ourselves. We struggle, fail, and face our own limitations daily. It has been rightly said, the most difficult and challenging leadership role is that of leading ourselves.

A life of faith following Jesus is no different. Living by faith is exhausting. Living obediently is a constant battle. Striving to live like Jesus is overwhelming. The world around me and my flesh within me work tirelessly to undermine my faith and strive to to tempt me away from my Savior.

Serving, leading, and caring for others is often met with minimal effect. My own personal self-centeredness, pride, and arrogance meet me at every turn. Sometimes I just get tired and the Enemy tries to get me to say “What’s the use, what does it matter anyway?”

There is a promise though. The promise of rest. The promise of a harvest. The promise of glory which can’t compare. It calls me to persevere through the daily grind of serving, of endlessly having to confess my sin, and my unending need to rely upon Jesus. Daily I’m reminded that life is only a vapor (Psalm 90) but eternity is, well, forever. The promise of life in Jesus calls me to see now with a view to eternity; past the toil, struggle, and pain of this life.

Hebrews chapter 4 teaches us there is coming a day of rest; rest from the toil and burden of the evil around me and the sin within me. One day, those who through faith have had their sin forgiven and have been re-born by the work of Jesus on the cross, will have their tears wiped away for eternity when they finally stand in the presence of the Lord (Revelation 21:1-4).

Paul called his Galatian readers to “…not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary” (Galatians 6:9). I was recently asked, in essence, what will we reap, what good will come? The thought was expressed out of frustration that God hadn’t answered their prayers the way they had wanted. All I could say was, “I don’t know!” He just says we will reap for doing good. In God’s economy “good” will bring “good”. Most often Scripture does NOT tell us exactly what we will receive, just its quality (cf. 1st Peter 1:3-5); a quality so good according to Romans 8:18 that it won’t even be in the same universe as the pain and suffering we experience in this life.

I am reminded of my routine of planting flowers each Spring. Every May I buy several bulk packages of what is simply labeled as “wildflowers”. From year to year I have no idea what kind of flowers will grow but grow they do! Each year is different and each year’s flowers are beautiful. I really don’t need to know what I will “reap” for not growing weary, I just know I will and it will be good because God is good beyond my ability to even comprehend.

Yes, every bit of life is exhausting, but don’t lose heart. Don’t give in to the weariness.

3 thoughts on “Are you as tired as I am?

  1. Linda Olson

    Thank you Dan. Eric and I needed to hear/read this today. My mother is dying by millimeters in TN, my daughter in law is down from Utah going to the Mayo Clinic, and the dr can’t figure out why Eric is running fevers every night and exhausted. Your message is right to the heart. God is right here with us. We will not lose heart.

    Linda Olson

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  2. murf

    thanks, Dan, for the reminder that life today is a vapor but eternity is forever. the only way to make it through today is by His strength, His Spirit. thanks for reminding me of the truth! again!
    hugs from AZ (and cinnamon rolls!)

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