Good Day, Bad Day…Death Day, Life Day

The calendar says “Good Friday” but it really seems hard to call it that. I know the end result is good but it is and always will be nothing but Death Day. The day Jesus died.

I like to call it good because it was good for me. On this day of death I was given life. On this day where the Innocent One was given the verdict of “guilty”, I was given a pardon. On this day where the Son of God suffered the full wrath of His Father, I experienced mercy. On this day where the Sinless One was condemned, I was given grace.

Good for me, bad for Jesus.

But not really…

Yes, good for me but also good for Jesus.

We don’t have the same concept of “good” that God does. To God, good doesn’t mean the exclusion of pain, sacrifice, or struggle. What is truly good is what is truly consistent with the character and purposes of God.

Yes, this Friday is good Friday. It is GOOD in all that goodness is.

It is good because the fullness of God’s love is seen and experienced to its fullest. Nothing shows the full extent of God’s love like Jesus death for sinners.

It  is good because in God’s sovereign will He decided to save sinners and no matter how the forces of the enemy tried to thwart that plan, Jesus could not be prevented from being born as promised at the time God decreed, Jesus could not be enticed to sin, Jesus could not be stopped from going to the cross at His appointed time, and Jesus could not be kept from giving up His life.

It is good because on the cross, God judged sin. The enemy, that is sin and death, was defeated. Justice prevailed.

It is good because in the payment for sin the holiness of God is displayed. His holiness cannot leave sin to linger. It could not be tolerated. So, God did what holiness demanded. He spared nothing, He reached no compromise. He did what had to be done in sacrificing His Son.

It is good because it was with the fullest of joy that Jesus went to the cross because it is with great joy that God redeems and reconciles sinners.

Yes, Good Friday is good because of the good it brought me, but lets not forget, it is ultimately GOOD because God is good and what He did was good. It was the full expression of His character, in accomplishing His sovereign will, and brought Him the fullest of joy.

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